How does GAP Pro work?

GAP Pro provides an online solution to the detailed record-keeping required for Good Agricultural Practices Certification. Our website is organized like a logbook with tabbed dividers, so users can easily enter their activities in a wide variety of categories. A simple click on a tab brings up the appropriate entry form and a view of previously entered records.

Data entry forms have several user-friendly features:

GAP Pro makes generating reports for certification inspection a snap. Users can produce an entire set of certification-ready records with the click of a button. GAP Pro can also produce a variety of summary reports which provide useful analytical tools for tracking farm activities. All reports can be previewed online or sent to your printer.

With GAP Pro, your certification provider can even inspect your records online, with your permission. This saves time at the on-site inspection, and reduces the need for printed reports. When you do need to prepare those pesky certification reports, you’ll see the real advantage of the GAP Pro system.

As an added bonus, growers will find that seed ordering is now greatly simplified. Using the data you have entered, GAP Pro can generate seed orders organized the way you want them: by seed company, vegetable and variety.

How to subscribe

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A one year subscription to track your crops and GAP requirements is only $129. So why not get started with safe, easy and organized record-keeping today?